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STA is a professional component provider, at present the company mainly for customers to provide a variety of electrical connectivity products, LED optoelectronic and integrated circuit ( IC ) technology solutions. Dedicated to domestic and foreign electric, electronic, lighting, communications, automatic control, rail transportation and other fields of industry in accordance with international standards of production of high-quality product internationalization.

Currently divided into connector /IC/LED division three.

Connector business: products include PCB terminals, lighting end stage, spring connecting terminal, dedicated transformer terminals, aviation plug, connector, connector products;

IC Division: sales product line in Japan NEC brand products, with nearly 10 years of product sales and development experience, the USB product lines to provide professional solutions. CSR Bluetooth products provide the most potential price, and perfect technical support.

LED Division: has OSRAM, SAMSUNG two brand sales, Hongkong has long-term inventory, the fastest time for customers to provide products