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DIALOG Bluetooth smart chip is millet
Time:2017-05-05 09:49:38  
SmartBond system chip is millet Bracelet selection, just to recharge millet bracelet can meet up to 30 days of life time. Highly integrated power management and audio, AC/DC, solid-state lighting and short distance wireless technology provider Dialog Semiconductor Co. Ltd. announced in the Bluetooth Asia Conference, Bluetooth smart chip DA14580, the lowest minimum power global dimensions
Dialog smart chip DA14580
Millet bracelet using Dialog smart chip
Compared with competitors on the market solutions, DA14580 SmartBond system chip can be equipped with the application of smart phone accessories, wearable devices or computer peripherals to extend the battery cruising time doubled. DA14580 integrates a variety of analog and digital interfaces, embedded with a ARM Cortex M0 processor, its operating power is less than 15mW, standby current is only 600nA, so as to achieve the lowest power. In addition, the DA14580 package size 2.5x2.5x0.5 mm is only half of the same solution.