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UL authentication plug application
Time:2017-04-26 18:13:41  

In addition to the patent problem, the balance of the car is also a fatal problem.
In fact, the balance of the car is a collective shelf there are factors on the one hand from the safety of the product itself, mainly from the battery. It is said that at present the United States has 10 states, at least 11 cases caused by the balance of the car caused by fire, a number of airlines have been banned passengers with a balanced car on the plane. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has also said it would give priority to the investigation of the balance of vehicle safety products.
In addition, the British authorities in October this year, the port has to carry out quality inspection of the imported car balance, results in 17 thousand products in 15 thousand due to safety problems to be seized, the unqualified rate is as high as 88%. Inspectors say the problem is focused on plugs, cables, chargers, batteries and switches, most of them from china.
Through this cause, the balance of the car to re shuffle, we provide professional certification of UL plug, the need for manufacturers can contact our business.